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Belladonna - The "Wild" Side

I find this remedy fascinating. Belladonna is so rich in folklore, witch-craft and history I could get lost for hours reading about it!

Historically Belladonna means "beautiful lady" in Italian. Women used to apply Belladonna to their cheeks to give them a dusky/rose appearance. They also went one step further and used to put drops of Belladonna in their eyes. This enlarged their pupils and back then the effect was considered to be sultry and attractive.

Boy have we come a long way since then in the make-up department!

Belladonna is one of the first remedies that I think of when an animal’s mental or physical symptoms are intense.

I have used this quite a lot in behavioural cases. The animal tends to be very hyperactive and all of a sudden will fly into a rage. All their self-control has gone out the window.

This remedy was perfect for my first Siberian Husky Koda. Fireworks were a huge trigger with him. He would go into frenzy, and try and find any escape possible even if it meant hurting himself in the process. One night he actually tried to crash through the window. If I tried to calm him down or intervene in any way his aggression would worsen. Koda was a very gentle soul but when he was in this state he had gone past the point of any reason or self-control.

I mentioned above that women put Belladonna drops in their eyes to increase their pupil size. Dilated pupils are a very strong indication that this remedy is needed. When you see an animal that is in a "rage" with dilated pupils Belladonna may help bring them back into a calm state.

I also use Belladonna a lot in animals that are suffering from sunburn. We all know how painful sunburn is. It's intense, red, it burns and the heat pulsates. Belladonna will help reduce the effects of sunburn. I actually used this on myself on Saturday as I got a burnt at the markets. The heat and redness has reduced and I can go about my day without feeling uncomfortable.

Belladonna is one of my go to remedy's in instances where there is a fever. The fever is very intense and comes on very suddenly. The pupils will be dilated and glassy and the animal will be thirstless.

Belladonna is often described as having "wildness to him, or a "wild look". I find this quite interesting as through domestication we have suppressed our animals "wild" side. Perhaps this is why they resonate so well with this remedy.


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