Homeopathic Remedies For Your Animals

Wild Remedy Is Based On Classical Homeopathy

Farm Animal – Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand

To improve the health and wellbeing of your animal, I believe in the use of one remedy at a time.

Homeopathic remedies gently and effectively support a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions including general health concerns, disease, trauma, injury-recovery, age-related conditions, mobility concerns, grief, anxiety and behavioural issues.

Selected remedies, kits and homeopathic kits are available for purchase via the Wild Remedy the shop.

All single homeopathic remedies are $17, excluding postage.

Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand

"Stephanie is a dedicated homeopath who has supported our Archie (dog) through many illnesses. Most recently he started vomiting with no known cause and we called Stephanie for an acute appointment. That afternoon she had a care plan in place including remedies to support his system. Over the coming days she added additional remedies which nurtured his body back to full health. Stephanie goes above and beyond when caring for your furry friend, with regular check-ins to see how they are healing. I have recommended Stephanie to family members and encourage you to give her a call, she’ll get your furry family member well again. Thanks Stephanie for loving Archie as much as we do!" – BEX

Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand

Homeopathic Remedies

The first-aid remedy for blunt trauma, bruising, muscle aches, strains and sprains.

For severe fright.  Beneficial for those animals that tend to panic in earthquakes, stroms and floods.

A supportive remedy for those animals who suffer from vomiting and/or diarrhoea (usually at the same time)

Heal cuts and lacerations, particularly in high nerve ending areas of the body – paws, teeth and tails.

A powerful, but gentle, grief and loss remedy. Beneficial for animals adjusting to a new home, going into kennels or generally experiencing grief, loss and anxiety.

This kit contains 12x2gm vials of pillules containing 20-25 doses (one pillule = 1 dose).  This kit is portable and easy to take with you and your animal when you are on the move.  

Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand

"My then 12 yo Labrador cross ‘Gemma’ started suffering from arthritis in her hips about 18 months ago.  I consulted my vet and they tried her on one injectable medication at first which did absolutely nothing, they then suggested I tried some monthly tablets at a cost of $90 per tablet. This tablet did work for the first 6 months but I was always worried about the toxicity build up in her system as they warned she needed blood tests every 3 months to check.  Sure enough 6 months later some lumps started appearing on her legs and she had these surgically removed and x-rays, one lump was cancerous.  I don’t know if this medication was linked but it was a coincidence.

"About the same time I saw Steph advertised on Facebook so I contacted her immediately for help. Steph came around to my house the following week and after an hour and half consult with myself and Gemma she went away to come up with a treatment plan.  Within a week Steph came around again with some tiny pills and liquid.  After explaining how to administer and how often I started Gemma on this straight away.  Within a week I noticed results straight away. Gemma had light back in her eyes again and even though she was still slow she was eager to follow me around again like the dog she used to be!  Gemma has been on her treatment plan for around 6 months now and Steph has fine tuned a little bit, but Gemma at 13yo now still is able to come out on the farm with me and enjoy life in her senior years. 

"This was the very best decision I ever made to go down a holistic path without the harsh and damaging drugs and associated costs.  I will definitely have all my animals under Steph’s care when the time arises for each and every one." – BRENDA

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