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Hello Summer! My Top Summer Tips!

I was out running some errands the other day and I passed a lady seeking shade for herself and her dog under a tree. 

It was hot, it was in the middle of the afternoon and I was sweltering even with the air conditoning on in the car.  

I could see that the dog was in distress and I knew that they were in trouble.  I could see him furiously panting and frothy saliva was coming from his mouth.  He was overheating.   

I stopped and offered them both some much needed water and an offering of a lift home.  

This sight is becoming more and more common.  People out with their animals in the heat of the day; cats, dogs, horses and livestock.  Guardians completely unaware that their dog or cats paws are being burnt.  Completely unaware that their fur-baby is in danger or is bordering on heat stroke.  Completely unaware that their fur-baby is suffering.  Completely unaware that they don't have access to fresh water or shade.

My advice is; just don't do it.  I know it's fun to take our fur-baby's out with us, but is it fun for them?  I'm pretty sure that the dog and the lady that I stopped for didn't think it was fun.  In fact, the choice to walk in the heat of the day was very much regretted.  

My rule of thumb is just don't do it. Be safe, not sorry.  Be sun-smart.  Be guardian smart.  Be fur-baby smart.

Below are some of my top tips to help you navigate this summer heat.

  • Avoid car rides and leaving your fur-baby in the car for ANY length of time

  • Refrain from walking them on ANY hot surfaces (sand included)

  • Provide fresh water and shade at home

  • Sun protection - use pet sunscreen and SOL

  • Exercise your dog/cat/horse etc in the early morning or late evenings and avoid strenuous exercis

  • Watch for any signs of over-heating

  • Avoid long strenuous walks

  • Take a dog/cat water bottle with SOL in it with you!

  • Clam shell pools are an awesome way of keeping your dog cool, wet and entertained at the same time!

  • Doggie Ice-blocks (watermelon recipe below)

  • Keep their water cool and fresh by adding in ice-cubes regularly

  • Utilise cooling mats

If your fur-baby is showing signs of heat stroke act fast and always have on hand the below remedies that can help support them until you can get to a vet so that fluids can be administered:

 Aconite - your pet will be very anxious, restless and fearful
 Belladonna - the symptoms are very intense and the pupils will be dilated
 Gelsemium - extreme weakness, they will look floppy and droopy

And remember..... If you fur-baby suffers from sunburn, Sol and Belladonna are awesome remedies to help relieve the pain, heat and redness.

Be sun and fur smart, let's take care of our fur-baby's out there!


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