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My Winter Wellness Tips!

Does your fur-baby love the colder weather, or do they prefer to curl up next to the fire or under the blanket?
I love winter but it also brings a bit of nostalgia for me as I do miss the winter months that I spent in Alaska.  Even though I am used to; and love the cold, winter still brings its challenges, for instance out walking Willow last week I hit a few icy patches and did a very ungraceful slide!
I’m very grateful that Willow seems to be an “all weather” type of doggo.  I guess growing up with a sibe who used to sit in the rain and sleet with an attitude of “the colder the better” didn’t give her a choice!
But, not all of our fur-babies are so easily pleased.  Some really struggle in the colder months.  We tend to think that our fur-babies don’t feel the cold as much due to their coat, but this isn’t necessarily true.  Just like us, they can feel the cold and winter can be quite hard on some of them, especially those that are in their golden years.

 To help you and your fur-baby navigate this winter, I’ve put together some of my top winter tips just for you! 

Frostbite – take it from me, frostbite is painful.  I have the scars on my face and neck to prove it.  I am so careful with Willow when we are out and about in those cold mornings with her paws.  It is very easy for her to get exposed to those cold ice crystals.  I make a point of checking her paws after every walk.  There are some really excellent dog booties around so if you are in those colder areas then I suggest that you have a look at these and see if they may be useful.  Don't forget to check your cats paws as well, they too are exposed to the icy and cold elements!
Homeopathy can also help support your fur-baby if they do have any signs of frostbite (I wish I had known this in Alaska).  Apis can be helpful in supporting the burning and stinging pain.  Lachesis can be a wonderful support remedy when the area is “black” and the skin is dying off.   There are other remedies that can help support frostbite so if in doubt contact your animal homeopath for an acute consult.
Winter chills/wind exposure – I find Taupo can be really cold with that biting wind coming off the mountain; it really can chill you to the bone.  Although Willow has a pretty good coat she is out in the elements a lot which is why I always have the homeopathic remedy Aconite on hand.  This remedy is great for any conditions that may come on after she has been exposed to the cold, wet or windy weather.  If I see her nose running after she has been out and about in the cold then I give her a dose of Aconite just to help boost her immune system.  It works beautifully.  This is a great remedy for those cats that may have been caught out in the rain or locked in the garage overnight by mistake!
Paw Care – Our fur-babies are walking on some pretty rough, tough and cold surfaces and their paws can get quite dry and cracked (cats included).  The remedies that are useful to have on hand are Hypericum and Calendula.  Our fur-babies paws are very sensitive as they are full of nerve-endings so any damage done to the paws or nails can be very painful.  Hypericum is my go to remedy for any paw/nail injuries; it helps support any pain, puncture wounds or nerve damage.   For any cuts and abrasions to the paw pads I use calendula orally. What I love about this is that there is no mess and the fur-babies aren't trying to lick it all off! Calendula helps stimulate the healing of wounds and can help prevent any infection, it also helps promote rapid healing and stimulates healthy skin granulation.
Choose the right bedding - During those colder months it is especially important that we provide our fur-baby with adequate cozy bedding.  Choosing the right bedding ensures that your fur-baby will remain nice and snug over winter.  For our older and short-coated fur-babies a heated pet bed can help relieve any joint stiffness brought on by the cold.   It's also a good idea to remove any bedding out of drafts, doorways, tiles or uncarpeted areas.   If your fur-baby sleeps outside during winter appropriate housing is a must.  Cats love igloo houses (an enclosed bed). Not only does this provide them with a safe and secure place to sleep it is nice and snugly for them.
Dandruff! – You may have noticed that your fur-babies coat is a bit brittle and starting to show signs of dandruff.  This can be common during winter as the dry air and heating robs their skin (and ours) of moisture.  Below are some easy tips and tricks to help off-set this:

  • Brushing! Yes, brushing can help! Brushing stimulates the natural oil producing glands so it acts as a natural moisturizer.

  • Feed a species appropriate diet. Adding in omega-3 is really beneficial for optimizing skin health. I add pilchards into Willows food which is a great source of omega 3. She loves them and it is a tasty treat for her.  This is a great source of omega-3 for our cats as well!

Willow and I look forward to supporting you and your fur-baby over the winter months!


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