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What Is Heat Stroke?

You're out there walking along the trail with your best fur legged friend, enjoying the hot summer sun beating down on you.  The birds are chirping away, at that moment life couldn't be any more pleasant. 

You notice that you are building up a bit of a sweat and the sun is starting to get a bit of a bite to it.  You look across at your walking companion; Fido, who all of a sudden doesn't seem to be looking so good.

His eyes are glassy; he is panting quite a lot and suddenly doesn't seem to be too keen to keep walking.  

In reality Fido, is well on his way to heat stroke.  Heat stroke can be very serious and dangerous for our dogs.

What is heat stroke?
Heat stroke occurs when our animals are unable to regulate their body temperature.  Dogs don't sweat like we do.  They only sweat through their nose and through the pads of their paws.  The only way they can try and cool down is to pant but sometimes this isn't enough.  

How can I tell if my dog is struggling with the heat?
Some of the more common signs of heat stroke in dogs are:

  • Excessive panting

  • Excessive thirst

  • Glazed eyes

  • Increased salivation

  • Dry gums (gums will be pale/greyish)

  • Bright or dark red gums

  • Weakness, staggering, confusion

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhoea

  • Collapse

Brachycephalic breeds such as pugs and boxers; older dogs or dogs with existing health conditions are at higher risk of heat stroke.

Ways you can support your dog

  • Get them in the shade immediately (get them off the concrete if possible)

  • Apply cool water to the inner thighs and stomach and on the pads of their feet

  • Do not cover them with anything, keep them in the open air

  • Give them small amounts of water to drink

  • Get them to the vet immediately

Homeopathic remedies for heat stroke

  1. Belladonna - the pupils will be red and dilated.  They will be burning up, you will feel the heat radiating off them.  They may be unresponsive.

  2. Aconite - Useful in heat stroke when they may appear anxious and fearful.

  3. Gelsemium - They will be very weak and their muscles may be trembling

  4. Glonoinum - There may be vomiting and restlessness.  Ears and gums look red.  The eyes may be protruding, dry, red and staring.

  5. Get them to the vet immediately

Prevention is key for heatstroke in dogs; keep in mind the following:

  • Always be aware of the temperature and potential for heat stroke

  • Find shady areas and cool spots for your dog so that they can get out of direct sunlight

  • Ensure they have access to clean and cold water at all times (carry a portable bowl and water)

  • On really hot days take them for a walk in the forest or for a swim

  • Never, ever leave your dog in the car

  • Carry your animal homeopathic kit with you!

Heat stroke can be life threatening for your dog.  Be prepared! 


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