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Lyssinum - A Homeopathic Remedy

Dis-ease is not prejudice.  It can strike any animal at any time, with any dis-ease. 

Animal vaccinations are a personal choice.
As with anything, there are pros and cons.  In my clinic I see both; vaccinated and unvaccinated.    
I have had experience with animals that have contracted dis-eases such as parvo, calicivirus, kennel cough etc.  In these instances some of the animals were vaccinated and some were not.
I have also dealt with vaccinosis (where the animal has had a reaction to the vaccination). 
The reaction can vary from sneezing to paralysis.  Acute reactions tend to occur either between 24 to 72 hours after vaccination, whereas more delayed responses can be seen anywhere between 7 and 45 days.
The best defence is a healthy immune system.
Today, I wanted to talk to you about the Rabies Vaccine.  I can hear you all saying “but we don’t have the rabies vaccine here in New Zealand”.
Yes, you are right.  New Zealand is one of the few countries where our dogs are exempt from the rabies vaccine.
Although our dogs here in New Zealand are exempt from the rabies vaccination their sire, dam, grandfather, grandmother and lineage even further back were probably not exempt.
Take Willow for example.  She is a Siberian husky/whippet cross.   Huskies originate from Siberia (Russia).  Whippets originate from England.
Newsflash – both of these countries require rabies vaccines.   These are legal requirements.
So, this means that in Willows lineage somewhere along the line the rabies vaccine would have been administered.
Through my homeopathic studies and also through my clinic I have come across a homeopathic remedy called Lyssinum.  This remedy is made from the saliva of a rabid dog. 
When I look closer at the symptoms or behavioural symptoms that this remedy can produce in a healthy dog I see a lot of Willow in this remedy.
Based on this I decided to administer the Lyssinum remedy to her and observe the outcome.
The changes were noticeable after just one dose.  That night at toileting time there was no barking at only things she could see/hear, there was silence.   Her reaction to stimuli reduced significantly.  She also became less highly strung and more relaxed.  In fact, she was turning into a Pulsatilla, a little bit too clingy for me!
Although Willow has never had the rabies vaccination, her ancestors would have.   
With vaccinations we are administering that particular disease back into the body.  This will undoubtedly leave traces, traces that are potentially being passed on from generation to generation.
The rabies vaccine by law is administered to pups between 16-18 weeks of age.  They are then again vaccinated at 12-16 months.  Then every 1-3 years.  The life-span of a Siberian husky is 12-15 years.  The life span of a whippet is also 12-15 years.   
You do the math, that’s a lot of rabies shots for just one dog over its life-span. 
“Repeated un-necessary vaccination can act as a stress on the system.  It cannot be ignored that the repeated use of vaccines over the generations may finally affect the genetic code”.  (John Saxon and Peter Gregory; Bachelor of Veterinary Science).    
Was Willows genetic code modified from generations past?  You be the judge. 
I do however know that homeopathy is a very powerful modality, so much so that it can have a healing impact on past and future generations. 


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