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Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

There is nothing worse than listening to your cat or dog continually scratch, gnaw and lick their skin.

The noise can literally drive you around the bend, so imagine how distressing and uncomfortable it is for them.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) is a common skin allergy that occurs in both cats and dogs.

Over the last few weeks; due to the warmer weather I have seen quite the increase in animals suffering with FAD. Thankfully homeopathy is able to reduce the intensity of their symptoms and support them overall.

What is FAD?

Flea allergy dermatitis is a common skin allergy that occurs when the cat/dog has a severe allergic reaction to the bite of the flea. In response to the flea bite the animal releases a histamine-like compound which results in itchy skin. One flea bite is enough to cause an allergic reaction.

Left untreated FAD can cause severe itching and inflammation which leads to excessive scratching, chewing and licking that can cause damage to the skin. Secondary bacterial or fungal infections can often occur as a result.

What are the common signs of FAD?

Excessive itching is generally the first noticeable sign of FAD. Other common signs include:

  • Fleas may be seen (usually they will be more noticeable around the base of the tail)
  • Mild to severe itchiness
  • Skin inflammation (their skin will look red)
  • Fur loss (usually on the head, neck and back – I have also seen fur loss on the stomach)
  • Excessive grooming/licking
  • Scabs/crusts/small bumps
  • Sores with pus (hot-spots)
  • Darkening or thickening of skin
  • A foul odour due to a secondary infection

Although you may visibly see live fleas on your animal; in some cases you may not actually see any fleas. Fleas can very easily jump on our animals; bite them; and then jump off without being seeing, or your cat/dog may lick the flea off without you even realising it.

In my experience once your cat/dog has contracted fleas it can be very difficult to manage going forward. The only way to completely control this condition is to eliminate fleas from the environment. Both indoor and outdoor animals are susceptible to fleas since they can be anywhere in the environment.

A healthy immune system is; as always; your animal’s best defense of repelling fleas. Fleas are parasites and parasites seek out the weak and unhealthy. So, if your cat/dog is healthy, fleas will be more likely to stay away!

Below are some of the ways we can support our animal’s immune system:

  • Feed a species appropriate diet
  • Provide a healthy environment
  • Support them mentally, emotionally and physically

Homeopathy can help support our animals with the symptoms caused by FAD. There are specific remedies that can help reduce the itching, inflammation, fur loss and anxiety that is caused by this condition.

It is also important that we support the animal constitutionally. This is when we would take all of their symptoms; physical, mental and emotional and find the best overall remedy that would support them as a whole.

If you would like help with FAD symptoms then please get in touch and we will book you and your cat/dog in for a consult.  Connect


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