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Trick or Treat!

Halloween can be a really fun time.  Let’s face it who doesn’t want to get dressed up and eat candy!
I used to love seeing the local neighborhood children all dressed up and excited to show off their costume and raid the candy bowl.
But Halloween can be really stressful for our animals.   My dogs used to get quite anxious with all of the noise and commotion, not to mention all of the door knocking.  I also had to avoid walking at certain times as they used to get a bit scared and anxious with some of the costumes.
My cat (Harley) used to just disappear for the day/night or hide somewhere in the house; usually under my bed.
I also had the added anxiety of the dogs/cat raiding the candy bowl.  I was always concerned that they would get into the chocolate which as you all know is highly toxic to animals.
Whether we love Halloween or not, we do need help to support our animals for the hundred times the doorbell is going to ring.
The first thing is to keep your animals as comfortable as possible.  I used to keep my two dogs in the lounge with me as far away from the front door as possible.  My cat would be in my bedroom (usually under my bed or in the wardrobe) which was the safest place for him.
Homeopathy can be a great support to our animals during this time.  Not only can it support their mental and emotional state it can also support their physical state if they have managed to get into the candy bowl!
Aconite can help support our animal’s when they are in a state of anxiety and fear.  This is a very good remedy for when our animals are anxious, over-sensitive to noise and startle easily.  It is my go to remedy for when animals feel vulnerable or out of control.  They can become panic stricken, inconsolable and extremely distressed
Gelsemium is useful in situations where the animal is trembling with anxiety and nervousness.  More often than not these animals will be anticipating the next doorbell or the next “trick or trick”.  In some cases they may even pee themselves a little bit when the doorbell rings. 
Nux vomica is one of the first remedies to give when your animal has decided to help themselves to the candy bowl!  It is a remedy for “over-indulgence” and toxic situations.  This is my go to remedy in instances where poisoning is suspected. 
During peak doorbell ringing hours on Halloween, you can give Aconite or Gelsemium every 15 minutes until your animal feels calm.
In cases of suspected poisoning with candy/chocolate, you can give Nux vomica every 15 minutes until you are able to talk to your vet.
As much as you might love Halloween, your animal probably doesn’t. Keep that in mind and give them some extra love and care around this stressful time. They will appreciate it!
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