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My Top Spring Animal Tips!

I love spring.  It brings with it a light and carefree energy which our animals really embrace.  They tend to become a little frisky, a little lighter and generally just happier. 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, growth and abundance; all of which our animals emanate.  But, as with each season, spring brings its own challenge for our animals.

Below are my top spring tips:

Seasonal allergies

Typically this is when you are going to see seasonal allergies rearing their ugly head.  You may notice than your animal is itching more than usual or their eyes/nose are a bit runny.   It is best to get on top of seasonal allergies before they start to get out of control.  Homeopathy can be a great support for our animals that suffer from seasonal allergies as it can help reduce their symptoms so they can get back out in nature and enjoy those walks!

Toxic Plants/Pesticides

Spring is when the plants are in abundance and flowering.  Make a note when you are out walking or in off-lead areas for any plants that may be toxic to your animal.  It also pays to check your own gardens.  I had no idea that I had a toxic plant hiding in my garden until my neighbour pointed it out to me!  It’s also a good idea to find out where council workers are spraying pesticides.  Our animals absorb these pesticides through their paws which can cause allergic reactions or toxic conditions.  If in doubt, don’t walk your animal on it!  Be mindful too, if you are using pesticides around the house!

Protect them from the sun

Is your animal prone to getting sun-burnt?  Generally animals that suffer from sunburn are lighter in coat colour. They are also susceptible to getting sunburn on their nose, muzzle, tips of their ears and even around their eyelids and lips.  Sol is a great support remedy that can be administered daily over the warmer and hotter months.  Given daily Sol can help reduce the suns burning effects. It's a great support for those animals that are out in paddocks all day.

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Safely store chemical products

At this time of season we tend to get into “spring cleaning” mode.  The 30 seconds we use to wash/clean the house, pathways and driveways comes out.  What we do forget though is that our animals are walking on this surface hundreds of times a day.  They are absorbing these chemicals.  This is why it pays to have the homeopathic remedy Nux vomica on hand.  Nux can help support and rid the body of toxins.  I have used this remedy so many times on animals that have gotten into potting mix, motor oil, and other chemical products with amazing results.  Nux is one remedy you do not want to be without!

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Keep bugs at bay!

I’m already getting reports and queries about remedies for ticks, fleas and mosquitoes.  Check your animals frequently for fleas, ticks and other insect bites.  The quicker you get on to it the better.  Left untreated it can cause allergies, hot spots, itching and general irritation for everyone.  There are homeopathic remedies for ticks, fleas and insect bites so get in contact to see if these remedies are the right fit for your animal.

Most of all shake off those winter blues!  Have fun with your animals, kick of your shoes and ground yourself with mother Gaia!


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