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Homeopathy Care For Stitches!

As I walked into the room I noticed that she no longer had her “cone of shame” on and she was vigorously licking and pulling at her stitches.  The area was visibly inflamed, red and it was obviously causing her a lot of distress.

Surgical incisions and stitches can be uncomfortable and painful for our animals.  They can’t tell us if the incision is itchy, sore or if the stitches are pulling their skin.  More often than not it is usually a combination of all three!

The first remedy I thought of to support my dog Libi when she had stitches from her recent spay procedure was Hypericum.

Hypericum is the “Arnica of the Nerves”.   To help ease her pain and to help support her immune system so that the wound did not get infected I immediately gave her a dose.  Hypericum can also assist in reducing their inclination to itch the area (yay, no need for the cone)!

I repeated the dose again a few hours later when I noticed that she was trying to lick the area again.

In the morning I was greeted by a very happy girl.  I was amazed to see that the redness around the area had gone and she had managed to leave her stitches in-tact!

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