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Gastroenteritis - What To Look Out For

As most of you know I've been dealing with gastroenteritis (tummy bug) cases a lot this week. From guinea pigs to dogs and cats; no animal appears to be off limits.

I have noticed in all of these instances that the tummy bug has hit the animal quite hard and fast. 

Overall, their condition has deteriorated quite quickly.

Tummy bugs are no fun and can actually be quite distressing and stressful not only for the animal but also for the guardian.

If your animal is suffering from gastro complaints the more common symptoms you will see are:

  • Sudden onset of diarrhoea - may or may not contain blood
  • Vomiting - may or may not contain blood
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of interest in food/water

When our animals lose large volumes of body fluids through vomiting and/or diarrhoea this can cause them to become dehydrated.

The most common way to check if your animal is suffering from dehydration is to gently lift the skin on the back of their neck. If the skin stays raised the animal is dehydrated. If the skin goes back into place they aren't dehydrated.

Other signs of dehydration also include:

  • Panting
  • Dry nose and eyes
  • Dry gums

There can be many causes of gastro but the main causes are diet change/allergies, parasites and bacterial infections. For some of our more sensitive animals anxiety, stress and their environment can also play a part in tummy bugs.

Homeopathy can be a great support to our animals when they are suffering from gastro issues. The animal can and often does experience immediate relief from their symptoms.

Yes, it does help if the cause of the gastro is known, however this isn't always the case. This is where observation comes into it as you want to find the best remedy for that particular animal.

Personally, I find that Nux vomica and Arsenicum can support gastro issues beautifully but again every case can and usually is different. In some cases more than one remedy may need to be given as the animal moves through their symptoms.  This is where you need to use your observation skills and know your remedies.

More often than not after a bout of gastroenteritis the animals gut flora is all out of balance. Homeopathy can also help restore their gut flora along with a few other dietary adjustments or additions.

I find that with gastro upsets the animal can deteriorate very quickly therefore it is always best to consult your animal homeopath or veterinarian for advice.

If at any stage your animal’s condition worsens or they are showing signs of dehydration then please seek veterinary advice. 


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