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The Joys of Puppyhood!

I forgot what it was like looking after puppies!

Recently I had the opportunity to work with some puppies. I forgot how much hard work they were.

They're speedsters on 4 legs. They chew everything in sight. They hoover their food before the bowl even touches the ground. They run through their own poop and then climb all over you, spreading the joy. They play in their water bowl and then slip and slide everywhere, banging and crashing into everything.

And guess what? You are their favorite shiny new toy. Oh and I forgot to mention that when they are teething everything is a target for those sharp needle-like teeth.

All I can say is thank god their cuteness factor is off the charts!

Homeopathy can be a life-changer!  We can either support our puppies the hard way or the easy way.  I choose the easy way every single time!

Oh thank you homeopathy, where would I be without you (probably in the corner rocking to be honest).

Thank you homeopathy for the help with the teething when they are grumpy and slobbering everywhere and sinking their teeth into everything. Thank you for saving my clothes, my shoes and my skin from their sharp teeth as they try to find some relief. Oh and thank you for saving my earrings too, they weren't cheap!

Thank you homeopathy for when their tummy is upset from gorging themselves on their food. What goes in must come out and some days it is not pretty.  Thank you for helping them to adjust to any diet changes.  Thank you for helping them back to regular poops when they become constipated.

Thank you homeopathy for helping to settle them after their first injections and being separated from the pack.

And thank you to my reiki practice for helping me to go within and keep my energy calm when all I want to do is run screaming from the room!

Thank you to my canine behavioural training. I know that this puppy stage soon shall pass. Thank you for reminding me that this is the perfect opportunity to work with these squirming chubby bundles of cuteness. Thank you for giving me the tools to help me guide them into the next phase of their journey.

If you have recently gotten a puppy and are feeling overwhelmed and let's be honest, a little bit over it then please get in touch.  Homeopathy can be a life-changer, not only for you but your pup!

Here at Wild Remedy we have all of the right tools to help you and your pup get off to a great start!


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