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Leaky Gut In Dogs

Did you know that nearly 80% of your dog's immune system is in their gut?

Leaky gut is an increasingly widespread condition seen in both animals and humans. Leaky gut occurs when the good bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract is out-numbered by the bad bacteria.

This leads to inflammation of the intestinal lining in the gut. This causes the gut to become permeable allowing toxins, allergens, bacteria and yeast to leak through into the blood stream and lymphatics.

The body starts to perceive food as its enemy.  This is potentially the reason why I see so many dogs that are allergic or reactive to almost every protein, vegetable and grain.  This understandably leads to a poor and inadequate diet.  Sadly the animal is in a constant stage of inflammation and distress.

Typically there are 3 primary causes of leaky gut.  These are:

  • Poor diet.  Specifically high grain based foods that contain soy, wheat, rice, spelt, additives and preservatives. 
  • Drugs and other toxins. 
  • Over-vaccination.

Chronic stress and boredom can also influence our pets gut health.  By not receiving enough exercise or mental stimulation, being left alone for long periods can all be major stress contributors for our animals.   Stress has a negative impact and effect on their immune and digestive systems.

Because leaky gut triggers an immune response throughout the whole body it can be hard to diagnose.

Below are some of the more common signs that your pet may be suffering from leaky gut:

  • autoimmune disease
  • arthritis and joint pain
  • allergies and skin issues
  • digestive issues/bowel disease
  • yeast infections
  • liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder disorders
  • behavioural issues (anxiety or aggression)
  • thyroid issues

There are many ways that you can help support your pet’s leaky gut:

  • Homeopathy. There are many homeopathic remedies available which can help support the digestive system
  • Feeding an appropriate diet
  • Avoid toxins
  • Minimise stress

If you think that your pet is suffering from "leaky gut" syndrome please contact me for a consultation.


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