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The Big Bang!

With fireworks just around the corner it's time to start thinking about how we can support our pets through this stressful and fearful time.

I love fireworks and when I got Koda my first pup, he used to sit on the deck and watch the fireworks with me. Then for some reason it all changed.

When our animals are exposed to repeated, unexpected and unpredictable loud noises it can easily cause their fear to turn into a phobia; which over time worsens.  This is what happened in Koda's situation. His fear of fireworks turned into a phobia. It became so frightening for him that he would harm himself trying to get away from the noise. It was pure torture.

Homeopathy can help support your pet through fireworks. It can help reduce their stress, anxiety and fear and bring them back into balance.

Although there are many remedies that are useful for fear and anxiousness I have listed the more common ones as below:

Aconite. These pets will be over-anxious and over-sensitive to noise and are easily startled. They can become extremely distressed and panic-stricken and feel very vulnerable. This is a great remedy for when their emotions are very intense and are brought on suddenly. Aconite is a very good remedy for horses!

Arsenicum. This is a great remedy for those pets when they are very anxious, fearful and insecure. These pets can't be left on their own as this is very frightening for them. They are quick to panic and need to be reassured. These are the pets that are going to demand attention, but this does nothing to reduce their insecurities.

Phosphorus. This remedy is good for all noise phobias. These are the pets that are going to be very restless, nervous and fearful. They tend to be sensitive to sudden noises and easily startle and may be fearful of being touched.

Gelsemium. This remedy is to be considered when there is trembling caused by fear/fright. They will be very timid and in some cases they may even lose bladder control due to the fear.

Argentum Nitricum – This animal can't bear to be on their own, they may become impulsive and unpredictable. These are the animals that will wait in anticipation for the next "bang".

Below are also some great tips on how you can help to reduce their anxiety levels:

  • keep your pet indoors and stay with them if possible
  • provide them with an area that is safe and where they can hide if they want to
  • at night close the windows and curtains to muffle the noise and flashing lights as much as possible
  • put on a bit of music or have the TV going
  • give them a bone/treat/favourite toy to help keep them occupied

For those animals that are in paddocks, the above remedies can be administered in their water trough. It is also a good idea to make sure that the fencing is well secure.

Please contact me if you need further help with choosing or purchasing a remedy for your pets fear and anxiety.


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