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Homeopathic Remedies for Boarding Kennels and Catteries

With the school holiday's fast approaching many of our fur-baby's will be going into the kennels or cattery for a little R and R!

For some of our fur-baby's they love their time away. They get to see familiar staff and other pets and they easily slot into the holiday routine.

For others; going into the kennels or cattery, especially for the first time, can be quite traumatic and upsetting. Their whole life has just been turned upside down and they have been thrust into an unknown world. There are new sights and sounds, new people, other animals and a whole new routine to learn. It can be over-whelming and scary for our pets.

Homeopathy can help support your pet while they are away from home. The correct homeopathic remedy is going to help them adjust much more quickly and effortlessly into their new environment.

My top remedy picks for being away from home are as below:

  • Ignatia. This is the first remedy that comes to mind when owners tell me that their fur-baby is going into the kennels or cattery. These fur-baby's are generally very sensitive and quite often are highly emotional. They can become so overwhelmed that they are almost hysterical. These fur-baby's will want to be left alone to grieve and be sad. They may even start trembling and any highly emotional situation makes them worse.

  • Pulsatilla. These are the "velcro" fur-baby's. They just have to be with you, sit on you and even follow you to the bathroom. These fur-baby's are generally gentle and timid. They will often look towards others for reassurance as they tend to be nervous in new situations.

  • Arsenicum. These are the fur-baby's that are thrown by any changes to their routine. They have a huge fear of being alone and generally can be anxious, fearful and demanding. More often than not they will be the ones pacing up and down and constantly checking their surroundings. They want and need to have people around them as being on their own is terrifying.

  • Phosphorus. These fur-baby's are the lively ones and love to be the centre of attention, life is good! On the other side of the coin they can be very tense and nervous and are easily frightened. These fur-baby's have lots of fears and are very sensitive and being left on their own can be devastating for them. In fact all of the stimuli from the kennels/cattery can send these pets running for cover!

There are many other remedies that could be considered but I have listed the main ones that I have used to date in my clinic. If you are in any doubt about which remedy is best suited to your fur-baby's please contact your animal homeopath.

As always with any homeopathic treatment this does not replace the advice of your vet. If your animal is in any way distressed or in pain then please consult your vet.


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