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Ignatia - Ignited By Love

I immediately think of Romeo and Juliet with this remedy. Those who have loved and lost.

Although there are many remedies that can help restore a sense of calmness and well being, Ignatia is considered to be the "grief" remedy.

Ignatia is very useful in situations where the animal is suffering from the ill effects of grief, anger, worry or fright.

It is also one of the first remedies that I think of in cases of homesickness or when a pet has lost a loved one such as their owner, a litter mate or a paddock mate.

It is for those situations where the animal has had an attachment to something or someone that is no longer in their lives.

Their symptoms are going to be very strong and intense. They will be irritable and defensive; they may even have mood swings along with unreasonable and nervous behaviour.

This is also the remedy to consider when animals are going into kennels or if they are going to be separated from their family for a period of time. It is also great for horses and cows in transit as this can be quite stressful for them.

This is also a fantastic remedy to give any pups or kittens before they go off with their new family! Ignatia can also be very helpful in helping those rescue animals adjust to their new family and environment.

The remedy does not stop the animal from grieving.

With homeopathy we do not want to suppress any emotions. Our aim is to help the animal move gently through the grieving process in order for them to engage and enjoy life again!


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