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Motion Sickness in Animals

Motion Sickness In Pets – Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand
For some animals a ride in the car is the best experience.
There is nothing like feeling the wind on your face and blowing through your fur.  Smelling all of those new and marvellous smells and seeing all of those wonderful new sights... it's pure heaven.
Unfortunately not all animals experience this joy.  For some it is a nightmare.
The motion of the car can cause them to become sick and even the sound of the car can make them anxious and fearful.
In dogs, you may see signs of sweating from the paws; cats will show signs of anxiousness.  Some animals may become very anxious when it is time to get in the car.  Others can start drooling and will starting shaking and pace about the car.  In some instances your pet will have to lie down as standing aggravates their symptoms. In extreme cases vomiting and diarrhoea may even occur.
There are many homeopathic remedies that can help reduce your pet’s symptoms.
  • Cocculus - there is a tendency to drool. They will have difficulty standing up and will sway. They will also prefer to lie down as this makes them feel better. Generally these animals are going to look miserable.
  • Tabacum - these animals are going to be much happier standing up. These are the dogs or cats that are going to want to have their nose out the car window! They will feel very nauseous and will also dribble.
  • Petroleum - these animals feel the effects from the fumes of the car. They will avoid looking at moving objects and the car stopping will make them feel much worse.
It's important with puppies and kittens that car rides are enjoyable and exciting.  It's a good idea to start with small trips and build the distance up over a period of time.
Most of all have fun!  Enjoy those trips and new experiences with your furry friends!


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