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Homeopathy and Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs – Wild Remedy  – Natural Homeopathy Support For Your Animals – New Zealand

Arthritis is a condition seen in dogs that causes joint pain and one that will affect most dogs as they age.
Below are some of the signs and symptoms of arthritis in dogs:

  • Stiffness, lameness, limping
  • Difficulty getting up from a sitting or lying down position
  • Lethargy
  • Reluctance to run, jump, or play
  • Irritability or behavioural changes
  • Pain when petted or touched
  • Licking or chewing sore areas
Although arthritis is a painful and incurable condition, it can be managed.  This can be achieved through suitable exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, supplements and alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and massage.
Homeopathy is very effective in treating arthritic conditions.  There are many remedies available but I have listed some of the main ones I have used to date in my clinic.
  1. Rhus tox. This is a major remedy for aches, pains and arthritic conditions.  The animal will be very restless. Stiffness; which is worse in the morning on first movement will be noticeable. The animal is better for continued movement, stretching and warmth. They will be worse for any over-exertion, resting or lying down.
  2. Arnica.  This remedy is very useful for joint inflammation and intense pain.  They will be restless with the pain and will move from one place to another in search of a more comfortable spot.  They will want to be on their own and will avoid being touched.
  3. Calcarea carbonica. These animals are usually bigger-boned.  They tend to be clumsy, awkward and stumble a lot.  They hate the cold and dampness; quite often you will see trembling in the legs.  They are worse for exertion.
Prevention is always the best medicine.  If you notice stiffness, limping or slowing down in your dog it is best to get this addressed immediately.

If your dog is exhibiting signs of arthritis and you would like to discuss natural treatment using homeopathy please contact me.


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