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Homeopathy for Deep Grief

The grief was slowing starting to eat away at him.  His coat had lost condition; it was dull, flaked in dandruff, dry and rough.   He was eating but regardless he was losing weight at a fast rate.   His eyes were dull, flat, and lifeless yet longing for understanding and help.  His gait was purposeless, he had no destination in mind, nowhere to go, he had no purpose to serve.

He had lost his zest for life.  He just sat and watched the world go by.  Lost in his own mind.  Lost in his own grief that only he could understand.   The grief that only he could feel and experience.  The grief that no human was acknowledging or addressing.  He was lost.

I offered my services praying that my help would be accepted with an open mind.  I could no longer look into his eyes and see the deep grief and pain he was experiencing.  He was asking me for help and I didn’t want to let him down.  I just knew I had to help him.  I knew I only had one chance.  I knew he only had one chance. 

As with every fur-baby that I support I ask as many questions as possible.  I want to know their story.  I want to feel and experience their life and what led them to this stage in their life.  What was the pivotal moment that caused this imbalance?  What caused the blockage in their vital force?

What had led this fur-baby to have such deep grief in his eyes?  What had led this fur-baby to give up and just exist?

His story was like so many other rescue animals.  The grief they have endured in their short lives is insurmountable.   They can spend days; weeks; months or even years waiting for their fur-ever home. 

This particular soul had experienced many stays in different rescues.  This particular soul had watched all of his littermates; friends and other animals come and go.  And yet he remained.

He watched different staff and volunteers come and go; and still he waited for his fur-ever home.

Then one day his best friend found his fur-ever home; and he was left behind.

His soul; his vital force; his inner being or whatever you personally resonate with had taken so many hits, his grief had compounded and he had literally lost the will to live. 

It didn’t take me long to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  VERY DEEP GRIEF was the causation behind this fur-baby’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Based on his totality (mental, emotional and physical symptoms) the remedy that would best support him was Phosphoric Acid (Phos ac).

Phos ac is a remedy that can help support animals that are exhausted and weak.  Their state has usually come about by a very deep grief where they just want to lie down, to be left alone and go un-noticed.  Their exhaustion is not only mental but also physical; they appear indifferent to their surroundings.

In this particular case I really wanted to observe the action the remedy was going to have.  I decided to administer the remedy on-site and just BE with him and observe. 

Not long after giving the remedy he sat at my feet then lay down and had a doggy nap.   I silently celebrated this.  Having a sleep after taking a remedy is such a good healing sign.  All of their energy is going back into re-balancing themselves. 

After he had finished “resting” I was able to look into his eyes.  I noticed that they were brighter; there was less pain reflecting back at me and there was a look of relief.  An understanding passed between us.  Homeopathy had given him a second chance.

This brought tears to my eyes as I knew that the remedy was having a profound effect on him. 

I monitored this sweet boys progress each day and each day I watched his life-force return.  His zest for life returned.  His annoying habits returned (bless him).  His mischievous behaviour returned.  Until, all of a sudden; he was back.

In all reality his journey with homeopathy had just begun.  I continued to administer remedies over the next few weeks as new and old behaviours and symptoms came up. 

This is the homeopathy journey.  One layer is removed revealing the next layer that needs to be supported in their healing journey.

In order to fully support and understand our fur-baby’s we must acknowledge that they FEEL.  We must acknowledge that they have EMOTIONS

If this beautiful boys grief had not been removed this would have manifested into dis-ease.  In fact it had already started; the weight loss, the decline in coat and the dandruff.

Never underestimate the power of emotions that our animals are capable of. 

Never underestimate the power of homeopathy.


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