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My Top Homeopathic Remedies To Support Our Felines!

Our feline friends can have the reputation for being fearless and lethal predators; but we often forget that they are also prey animals and are open to being attacked by other predators.  This is why they have a well developed sense of fear and can be cautious around strangers, loud or unexpected noises and they really dislike changes to their routine or environment.

Homeopathy can really support our animals through various mental, emotional and physical ailments. 

Although there are many remedies that can support our felines through many ailments; below are the top 4 homeopathic remedies that I use acutely within the clinic:

  • Arnica - this remedy is my go to for any first aid/shock ailments.  In the homeopathic world we refer to arnica as the emotional trauma remedy.  We tend to forget that Arnica can really support our felines if they have suffered from a current or previous emotional trauma. When our felines have suffered from a traumatic experience they will not want to be touched and will slip into an apathetic state (will lose interest in everything; their surroundings, food, people etc.).

  • Aconite - this remedy can be used in conjunction with arnica, in fact they work beautifully together.  Aconite is the first aid remedy for shock.  This remedy is perfect for those trips to the vet where they may feel vulnerable and out of control.  This remedy can be instrumental in supporting our felines when in their mind; they feel they are being exposed to a predator!

  • Natrum muriaticum - this remedy can really support our felines that are affected by loss and grief.  This could be from the loss of their guardian that has gone away on holiday, or even from the loss of their home.  These felines will not want to eat, will appear withdrawn, depressed and will hide away in the closet or under the bed.

  • Phosphorus - our feline's stomachs are quite small but for some the urge to gorge on their food is very real!  Phosphorus is a wonderful remedy to support those felines whom tend to vomit their food as soon as it gets warm in the stomach.  

It is really important to remember to support our felines as soon as something has happened as it can really make a big difference; it also means that we aren't driving any mental, emotional or physical ailment deeper in to the body.  Homeopathy works best when given immediately!


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