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Spraying in Multi-cat Households

If you are a cat or kitten guardian, at some point you are probably going to have to deal with your fur-baby's inappropriate toileting; more commonly known as "cat spraying or urine marking".

It is a lot more common than what we think and over the years I have had a lot of guardians come through the clinic seeking advice and homeopathic help for their cats spraying.   More often than not it is out of control and in some cases has been going on for years.  

Spraying issues in cats can be caused by underlying health or behavioural issues.  One of the more common causes of spraying is that a new fur-baby has been brought into the fold and the other cat is finding it difficult to adjust to the newcomer!  Even a new cat moving in down the street can have an effect!

The first thing that needs to be determined is if the cat is actually "spraying" or are they are toileting outside of the litter box?

If your cat is spraying; only a small amount of urine will be released and you will have noticed that they will back up to a vertical surface such as a wall.  This urine will also have a stronger more pungent smell compared to their usual urine smell.

There are a number of reasons why your cat might spray; below are some of the more common reasons:

  • Household Communication.  Cats communicate with each other through urine spraying.  Cats are generally solitude animals and even when there are multiple cats in one area they will seek out their own space and claim it as their own.  If a cat feels like another cat is moving in on their territory or trying to take their food, toys or even their "person" they may spray.

  •  Neighborhood Communication:  The presence and arrival of other cats (strays/new neighborhood cats) are considered a threat.  By spraying they are telling the newcomer that this area is already taken and to "move on".

  • Stress:  Cats are by nature anxious.  Changes to the household or routine can really cause them to become anxious, stressed and fearful.  Even construction, or changing the layout of the house can have an impact on their mental and emotional state.  Visitors and additions to the family can also cause them to become stressed and anxious.  

  • Attract a mate:  Spraying is more commonly seen in intact males, but female and neutered males can also spray.  The intact male will spray in the hope of attracting a female.

I have also found that in the spraying cases that I have supported with homeopathy, jealousy and resentment has also played a part in why the cat has started to spray.  In each of these cases the current cat did not like the new arrival that was brought into the household!  One cat in particular was very adamant about telling her guardian that she was not happy by continually spraying on her clothes and bedding!

Treating and supporting multiple cats in the same environment can be challenging.  By supporting and treating each animal as an individual with homeopathy is very beneficial and as a result can reduce the spraying to a manageable level or eliminate the spraying behaviour completely.

The most important factor that we must remember is that not all of our cats are going to get along.  Yes, there are modalities that can reduce and potentially stop the spraying from continuing but having multiple cat households can be and is very challenging if not all parties are seeing "cat to cat".

If/when we do decide to bring another fur-baby into the fold it is really imperative that we look at the dynamics and take into consideration if they are suited to being in a multiple household environment.

Supporting fur-baby's with homeopathy from the day that they arrive in their new home; or from when the multiple household living begins; can also make a huge difference as to how they all integrate.

It is important that we address any conflict in the household before it escalates.  As guardians we need to ensure that each cats needs are being met.  Introducing new cats needs to be done gradually and carefully so that each cat has the chance to adapt to the new situation.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can help support our cats through these transitions and potential life-changing events.  In each of the cases that I have supported with homeopathy different remedies for each cat was prescribed based on their own unique symptoms.  By treating each cat individually the success rate was much higher than those treated as a "one fits all" mentality.


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