Summer-Sun Ready Bundle - 10ml Bottle


Sol and Belladonna

Homeopathy is a safe, effective and gentle modality for your animals.  I am available for advice over the counter as well as in the privacy of an in-depth consultation via zoom.   For advice on specific ailments please contact me at  Please select whether you would like pill or liquid form.  Please note that some kits/remedy's are only available in either pill or liquid form.  All remedy's on-line are in a 30c potency.

This pack is for those animals that are prone to sunburn.  Pack includes Sol 200c and Belladonna 30c

Given daily SOL can help reduce the effects of the suns burning rays. If your animal is prone to sunburn then Belladonna can help reduce that burning, stinging feeling!

SKU: 10000-9-1

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