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When is the best time to worm your animals?

Worms in our animals (domestic and farm) are generally very common and if left untreated can cause serious health problems further down the track.

CINA, is one of the main homeopathic remedies for worms.

It is best to give Cina once or twice a day every few months around the full moon as this is when worms tend to breed.

I generally worm Willow my dog the day before the full moon, the day of the full moon and the day after.

Below are some of the more common indications that your animal may be suffering from worms.
🐱 The animal will itch their anal region
🐱 dogs tend to "scoot" along on their bottom
🐱 Irritable, cross and short-tempered
🐱 May bury/rub their nose into things
🐱 You will see worms in their faeces or around the anal region
🐱 Generally very hungry but with no weight gain
🐱 Grinding of the teeth
🐱 Bloated abdomen
🐱 Generally they will appear worse at night, in the sun
🐱 They will appear better for moving around but worse for touch

After giving a dose of Cina, you will notice that your animal will be much happier and brighter.

Their energy levels will be increased as the worms are no longer stealing the animal's valuable nutrients!


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